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Live concert Sound and Lighting Equipment rental

A live concert is an unforgettable experience when the right combination of Sound & Lights artists with the right stage decor is used . The Audience is always looking for an incredible experience, the thump of a great sound system & spectacular visual experience and the on-stage performance Often leaving a wonderful memory behind.

Mowzz has always been on the top, updating their technology with the most advanced international Sound & Lights inventory. A 25+ years of towering legacy of experience in working & collaborating with various events and venues, make Mowzz the best in the industry to look for hiring a Live concert sound & Lighting equipment.

Weddings/ Sangeet

Wedding in India are king-sized. Everyone wants to have a wedding/ sangeet/ engagement ceremonies in the grandest way possible, leaving a memorable experience for the couple, their family & the guests attending. The most important aspects contributing to an event like this are the sound & lights, decor, stage setup.Understanding fine nuances of this are vital.

Mowzz provides the finest audio system, lighting, AV systems and decor. and also help you managing DJs, Artists, bands & performers making the celebrations a notch higher. Mowzz with its enormous understanding in this area, offers options and solutions which are tailor made to suit every client and budget.

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