Event Planning and Management

Event Planning and Management:

“A profession that demands Perfection with Proper Planning of elements into Execution”

A mixture of pleasing all the senses at the same time into a successful event. The team at Mowzz are sound professionals and motivated to provide you with the best of their services to meet your varied requirements. The equipment supplied is of high-end technology, with a wide range of sound and lighting equipment from line array speakers to moving heads.

We conduct live concerts, fashion shows and product launches. We work with corporates for their conferences and annual functions . If there are wedding bells ringing, we are experienced to deliver a blissful event of matrimony. We design cultural and road shows. With the background of Audio/Visual, we creatively work on the decor and setting of the mood.

Nobody can challenge the truth hidden in those words as they came out of a person who paid with his life for making an impossible thing possible. Even after long twenty nine years in solitude, if Nelson Mandela could say these words with confidence, it was due to his will power and determination. And that is the first quality a professional event manager should have.

However, you cannot be a professional event managers just with your willpower and determination, you need to have many other qualities. Let us go through it one by one.


This is the first and the foremost thing in event management. Even a minor mistake in this may leave a negative impact on the entire event. It is the most complicated part too as you have to plan a lot of things such as event date, an alternative date, venue, transportation, guest list etc. Besides, you should plan in advance for getting necessary permissions and date and time of celebrities if any. There are certain event planning tools which can ease your job to considerable extent and they are;

  • Checklists
  • Guideline Sheets
  • Budget Analysis Worksheets
  • Safety Guidelines checklists
  • Space Calculators
  • Supply Checklist

Event Budgeting

Always the clients will get excited with the offers you are putting forth, but may go back on hearing the budget estimation. Budget is an important factor that influence the decision making of any clients. A professional event manager should always be prepared with budget estimations for any client. It is better to have spreadsheet with details such as required items, rental costs, transportation costs, catering costs, proposed total estimate etc. This will give a clear idea to the client about the destination up to where he or she can go.

Deciding Event Venues

While deciding on a venue, you should have a detailed talk with the sales team of the venue to find out whether the same will meet all your requirements for the event. It is better to carry a checklist of needs with you while inspecting the venue or while having discussions with the venue staff.

Event Designing

Theme of the event is most important and you should be clear about it. The theme of the event should reflect in every parts of the event right from the invitation letter to light and sound effects you are providing to the food you cater to the gifts you are presenting to the guests. As a professional Event Manager, you need to have a detailed discussion with the client on all these subjects before finalizing.

Event Supplies

A lot of accessories may need to create the expected mood of the event. Apart from lightings and sound, many minor items such as balloons, caps, paper crafts etc may also be necessary. Similarly, pens, bottled water, scribbling pads etc also may require some time. You should be prepared with a checklist well in advance after a detailed discussion with the client.

Event Catering

This is one of the most important part of any event and this is the area where more number of complaints arises. Here the client can help you in deciding the menu. Menu will change depending on the time of the event and the type of the event. Both the quantity and quality should be taken care here. Nature of the food can be decided on the likes of the client but you should be prepared with the best cooks and supporting staff to serve the food. If you are hiring a catering company to meet this requirement, you should give clear instructions about the quantity, and the time of serving of food.

Event Transportation

This is another complicated area in Event Management.Different modes of transportation may require for some events. When the guests are coming from faraway places, even the accommodation also be needed to arrange. Apart from organizing transportation, event managers should organize the facilities for proper parking too.

Event Marketing

A professional event manager should take equal care in promoting the event too. Certainly, it is not needed if it is a private event with limited guests. For a public event, promotion is very much needed and a professional event manager should be able to do it effectively. Various media, including the social media should be used for this purpose.

These are the basic needs of an event to be successful. There are many other minor things also involved in making or marring the chances of an event to be successful. A professional event manager should take care of all those things.