Proper Lighting for the Success of Event

When an event is taking place in the evenings, lighting is of great significance in deciding the success of it. We ensure the lighting represents the mood of the event and at the same time it makes the event memorable. Here the first thing we take care of is the equal distribution of light. Light should reach every corner of the venue. The wires and cables are kept hidden to not create any inconvenience to the guests.

When this is the general part of light, more specialized areas are also to be taken into consideration. This specialization is based on the nature of the event and the venue. If the venue is a hall, the walls must be lit up properly. Otherwise, the entire event looks dull. When it is a wedding party or a birthday celebration, the dias where the couples or the persons who celebrates the day sits, should be lighted brighter than other areas. Focus lights can be used here to give prominence to the hosts. After all they are the center of attraction of the day.

If it is a cultural event, the stage should be well lit and we take the advice and opinion of the DJ as well. Laser lights, blinking lights etc can be used to provide excellent visual impact. It will be better to use sound controlled laser lighting system to make the show memorable. The red and green light rays which keep on changing depending on the density of sound can add more beauty to the show.

Dinner is an integral part of most of the events and lighting has a lot to do in this area too. When you are arranging a buffet, the area where the food articles are arranged should be lit up bright. Guest should be able to read the stickers fixed to each item and should be able to identify the item. However, the area designated for the guests to sit and have food should not be bright. A moderate lighting will be the best here. We can even provide dim lights here so that the guest can enjoy the food along with the low sound music filling the atmosphere.

We use a lighting system wisely to create an apt atmosphere inside the venue, we take the same amount of care in lighting the entrance too. Guests arrive at the entrance first and the lighting here will create the first impression about the events in their minds. Here the attractive lighting extend a warm welcome to the guests. Decorative lights and rice lights can be used in this area.

When the event is being organized outdoors, lights have more functions to perform compared to lighting within the venue. If it is a garden, the lighting complements the beauty and attraction of the garden. Here, we take proper care for blending the beauty of  nature with the lighting. Both are synchronized and one should not overlap the other.